jerryMy father was a craftsmen, back in the days after WWII, when people still took pride in their craft. He owned a very successful paint contracting company and taught me all he knew.

After college, I decided I wanted to try to do something different. And an old German custom home builder became my mentor. He instilled in me his Old World precision mindset. And every morning, he’d pull up on the job and stay there and babysit that job all day long. He knew everything that went on in that house. And I’ve followed his example for nearly four decades.

Sometimes, customers show me a picture of something they want us to do in their home. But we don’t have any of the components in that picture to work with. So we help them by asking, “What is it you like about this?” Then we see what we can do to work it in. And they say, my gosh, I never would have thought of that. That’s one of the very satisfying parts of my job.

Back in the day, the craftsman—not a sales person—talked to you. The craftsman helped you create what you wanted. And the craftsman did the job for you. We do the same thing today. Give me a call, and let’s talk.

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