New Construction

Designing and planning a home that reflects the individual needs and desires of its Owner is the ultimate experience in Home Ownership.  Jerry Carter Homes offers savvy buyers the opportunity to design a custom home that meets individual lifestyle needs without limitations.  Our architectural expertise in design and function provides the satisfaction and “peace of mind” every home owner requires and deserves.  “Imagine the Possibilities!!”

Our Design and Build Services are concise and include the following simple steps:

  • Determining individual lifestyle needs

We provide our Buyers the opportunity to express their dreams and formalize their creativity by helping to focus on the function of a home as it pertains to individual family requirements.

  • Design

We start with a blank slate and listen to our new Home Owners wishes and concerns.  The Design process includes:

  1. Lot selection, orientation and location
  2. “Picture Page Process” – this form helps us define the details into words.  It identifies the pros and cons the new Buyer has in their current home and projects their desires for room size and count, square footage, amenities, landscape, energy requirements, and outdoor areas in a new home.  With this completed, we can now start the physical layout.
  3. Layout of the Home – we employ an architectural design professional as well as an interior design specialist for the layout of each project. We encourage our new Buyers to take advantage of both of these services.

Once the layout is formalized and completed, the budget and cost analysis begins.

  • Budget and Cost Analysis

Jerry Carter Homes is aware that most homeowners must live within budget constraints.  We have years of experience in creating designs that fit the homeowner’s budget and thus helps eliminate the need for costly changes or complete re-designs.  Our “Allowance Addendum” helps to define any selection items that could vary based on personal tastes and desires.  An example, kitchen countertops could range in price from $30.00 to over $100.00 per sq. ft. to install.  We use the Buyers feedback and apply these criteria in the addendum to include the dollar amounts necessary for the project.

The “Allowance Addendum” is based on the following criteria:

  1. Industry standard costs and finishes
  2. Neighborhood and location influences
  3. Buyer selections
  4. Budget constraints

Once the budget is complete, the construction process begins.


  • Construction Process

Jerry Carter Homes strives to make the building process as pleasant and stress free as possible.  To better understand the construction process, we have listed the order in which each new project is undertaken:

  1. Pre-construction activities (Permits, Inspections, etc.)
  2. Foundation and Framing
  3. Mechanical Installation (Heating & A/C, Electrical)
  4. Walls and Trim Installation
  5. Finish-out – typically includes the Buyer selections, landscaping, etc.
  6. Final Inspections & move-in


We diligently strive to have a complete set of plans, and accurate “Allowance Addendum”, and all the selections from the manufacturers, vendors, and suppliers before beginning to break ground on any project.

Now it’s time to set back, relax and watch our expert team go to work!!



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